Frequently Asked Questions



What would be the manufacturing dates of the tyres you provide?

Since our stocks roll out very frequently, all the tyres would be of very recent production. You can reach us directly to know the exact manufacturing dates of the tyre you are interested to buy.

How are tyres stored at Torque Block?

We know how important your tyres are for your motorcycle and hence we take the utmost care when we store them. All the tyres are stocked in tyre racks in a cool dry area away from sunlight and open air.

Do you buy and sell used tyres?

No, at the moment we do not offer this service.

What is the warranty of my new tyre purchased from you?

All the tyres purchased from Torque Block come with manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase. It varies in accordance to the tyre manufacturer and shall be as per the standards.

Do you provide a valid GST bill for my tyre purchased from Torque Block?

Yes, and this would stand as your proof to claim for the manufactures warranty just in case the tyres are damaged for any reason.

What does the manufacturer’s warranty of the tyre cover?

The warranty usually covers bulging of tyre wall and formation of big bubbles caused due to manufacturing defects. Cracks on the side walls, tyre bursts, cuts on any side of the tyre which are caused by external factors are not covered under warranty.

How can I claim my warranty?

You can claim your warranty by reaching out to us and we shall then contact the respective manufacturer and get back to you with the suitable procedures.


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