CONTINENTAL Conti Sport UC6 215/55R17 Tubeless 91 W Car Tyre

  • Full control on wet roads
  • Extreme short braking distances in dry and wet road conditions
  • High grip level combined with long durability
  • Low noise level
  • Aqua Drainage & Aqua Channel 

    In wet conditions, specially designed Aqua Drainage elements quickly drain water through a unique tube system into the tread grooves. At the same time, the water film under the pattern blocks is pushed into the  Aqua Channel surface sipes, which accelerate water evacuation into the main grooves.

  • Chamfered Edge 

    The Chamfered Edge prevents the “rolling-in-effect” of the pattern blocks while braking. The braking pressure is evenly distributed across the tread block surface for maximum contact area. 

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