RAC-GDPP-( 946 ML)

Today’s diesel engines are more sensitive to fuel quality than ever before. Low Cetane fuel robs your diesel of power, promotes hard starting, promotes the development of lube oil sludge, and increases the development of engine deposits.

Race Gas Diesel Performance Plus is specifically designed for use in high performance diesel applications. Race Gas Diesel Performance Plus replaces the lost CETANE, Oxygen, and Lubricity in today’s low sulfur diesel fuel. Race Gas Diesel Performance Plus allows users to take full advantage of their performance modifications, like tuners, increases in boost or propane injection.

Race Gas Diesel Performance Plus will:

• Increase CETANE by 14 numbers

• Improve throttle response and torque

• Increase oxygen in the fuel for more power

• Clean injectors and fuel system

• Work with any type of diesel fuel, (including biofuels)

• Add lubricity to protect fuel injectors and fuel pumps

One 32 ounce can of Race Gas Diesel Performance Plus will treat 32 gallons of diesel fuel. Or blend one ounce of Diesel Performance Plus per one gallon of diesel fuel. This product is to be added to diesel fuel. Do not add to Diesel Exhaust Fluid tank. This diesel fuel additive is compliant with federal low sulfur requirements for use in motor vehicles and non-road engines.

  • Race Gas Diesel Performance Plus is the first diesel additive specifically designed and focused on diesel performance.
  • Other products on the market focus on several issues that are caused by low sulfur diesel fuel like anti-gel, anti-fungal, and stiction.
  • Race Gas Diesel Performance Plus focuses specifically on CETANE, Oxygen, and Lubrication so that users can take full advantage of power adders like tuners, bigger turbos, or propane injection.
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