Race Gas Race Fuel Concentrate(946 ML)


RACE GAS is a specially formulated fuel concentrate that transforms gasoline from any gas station into high octane/high energy racing fuel suitable for competition and professional use.


RACE GAS has been laboratory tested and race proven to perform in any gasoline powered engine. RACE GAS has been proven safe for Oxygen Sensors and Catalytic Converters.


RACE GAS is a race fuel concentrate. The purpose of the product is to create racing fuel out of pump gasoline from any gas station. So what does this mean?

First, other products on the market only raise the octane a few points but do not raise the octane to that of racing fuel. RACE GAS has been tested and proven to increase the octane of pump gas to as high as 100 to 105 AKI, (R+M/2), when blended with gasoline as specified in our blend chart.

Second, other products on the market only increase the octane. RACE GAS also raises the chemical / BTU energy of base fuel to equal that of racing fuel. This is very important as low energy with high octane will lean out the engine significantly at Wide Open Throttle.

Lastly, RACE GAS blend results are shown in Anti Knock Index, (AKI) or R+M/2. This is the same measurement that race fuel manufactures use to measure the octane of their fuel. Other products on the market blend to the Research Octane Number, (RON). The RON number is a poor representation of octane as it represents the performance of the fuel in the engine at idle. AKI represents the performance of the fuel under load.

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